Max and Esther Rumshin had married in Baltimore in October 1918 after emigrating from Lithuania.  Their first child, Robert, was born in September 1919 in Newark, NJ, followed by two daughters in 1922-23 in Richmond, Va.  They moved to the Del Ray neighborhood around 1930 and set up a grocery store (since demolished) on Mt Vernon Avenue, between Del Ray and Oxford, living in an apartment above.  While living there Robert attended and graduated from GWHS in 1936.  He went on to George Washington University, living with his parents above their new grocery store at 2000 Mt Vernon Ave and working there part-time.  He graduated in June 1941 with a BA in government.

He enlisted in the Army Air Force in 1942 and was assigned to the headquarters of the 30th Air Depot Group in the UK, responsible for fitting-out and maintaining the aircraft of the Ninth Air Force, primarily their B-26 bombers.  After the German surrender in May 1945 the Group was moved to Germany to support the massive air transport operations then ongoing.  On 1 November 1945 captain Rumshin was killed when the plane in which he was a passenger crashed.  Although two months had passed since the cessation of hostilities he is officially listed as a war casualty.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

World War Two Losses

Robert Rumshin