Samuel was born in High Point, NC on 14 April 1924 to Samuel and Eva Fleming.  The family moved to Alexandria in the late 1920s, where Samuel Sr looked for work as a carpenter.  In the throes of the depression calls for carpenters were scarce, especially so for recent arrivals, and the family moved frequently from Duncan to south Fairfax to north West, to north Fayette,  In 1937 they moved to 12 East Howell, where they would remain until they moved again, to 3 West Del Ray, in 1941.  Through all this young Samuel attended Alexandria public schools, including GWHS.  He appears to have dropped out after his sophomore year to apprentice to AB Coffman of east Custis Ave, who in turn subcontracted to a DC construction firm, a segment that was now booming with the arrival of war.

Samuel enlisted in the Army in January 1944.  Little else is known except that he was sent to the European theater as an infantryman and died of wounds received on 22 October 1944.  His remains were returned from the cemetery in Epinal, France to Arlington Cemetery in 1948.

World War II Losses

Samuel Hobart Fleming Jr